Ring Brook/Audubon Society of NH

  • 77.84 acres
  • 12/00
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Ring Brook/Audubon Society of NH

Chalk Pond Road, Newbury

A generous donor granted a conservation easement on 7 undeveloped tracts of land off Chalk Pond Road in Newbury to the ASLPT. The Society for the Protection of NH Forests (SPNHF) will hold executory interest in the easement. The property consists of 77.84 acres, of undeveloped land and is located on the north and south sides of Chalk Pond Road and east and west sides of Cheney Road in Newbury. Ring Brook runs through the land and eventually flows into Lake Todd. The property is almost entirely forest except a few small wetland areas along the brook. This undeveloped open space is important to the water quality of Ring Brook and Lake Todd, as well as providing significant wildlife habitat. It is also part of a much larger protected land area covering more than a thousand acres including the John Hay National Wildlife Refuge, SPNHF's Hay Reservation (see map #40) and the Audubon Society's abutting 362-acre Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary. In 2004 the easement donor gifted the land to the Audubon Society of NH and it has become part of the Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary.

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