Help Us Protect the Sawyer Brook Headwaters Property in Grantham

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, the Town of Grantham voted overwhelmingly to designate $300,000 of town funds toward the acquisition of the Sawyer Brook Headwaters parcel.  For this project to be completed, it will be necessary to raise the remaining funds of $215,000 from private and grant-funding sources.  The Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust will be submitting grant proposals to a number of potential grantors, but the completion of this project will remain dependent on the help of many friends, neighbors and interested conservation enthusiasts like you.

To Donate to the project, click Read More below. Check the box for Land Projects, then select the Sawyer Brook Headwaters property from the drop-down Land Project options to the right.

You can view and print the fundraising flyer and map of the property by clicking HERE.

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Andy and Sue introduce prospective monitors to the process.

Have You Considered Becoming an Easement Monitor for Ausbon Sargent?

Easement Monitoring Workshop
Wednesday, June 5th from 2-5 PM

Monitoring an Ausbon Sargent easement property is an important volunteer job at the land trust.  Based on Standards and Practices from the national Land Trust Alliance, we have a responsibility to monitor each of our 148 protected properties once each year.  This could be a daunting process; one that Ausbon Sargent could never accomplish without the help of its gracious volunteers.  As we continue to add new properties, we continue to need more volunteers to help with this annual task.  We’re hoping you might join us.

Join Andy Deegan and Sue Andrews for this Monitoring Workshop as they give prospective monitors an introduction to the process of monitoring.  You’ll receive “classroom” instruction in the Ausbon Sargent office, then visit a nearby New London property for some fieldwork.

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Ausbon Sargent Closes on the Webb/Crowell Forest in Sutton

Friday, April 26th          

Ausbon Sargent is excited to announce that we have closed on the 94-acre Webb/Crowell Forest located in Sutton on Eaton Grange Road West. 

Two years prior, in August of 2017, Ausbon Sargent was given an 8-acre parcel of land in the Town of Sutton.  This 8-acre property was adjacent to the 86-acre Webb/Crowell Forest which is owned by the Town of Sutton.  Because of their proximity, in the spring of 2018, Ausbon Sargent gifted the 8 acres to the Town of Sutton.  

Ausbon Sargent was pleased to find that one year later, at the 2019 Sutton Town Meeting, the residents voted to grant a conservation easement to Ausbon Sargent on the entire 94-acre parcel.

The property offers numerous recreational opportunities for local hikers that can be found on the Webb/Crowell Trail Map found by clicking here.