You Asked for Ausbon Sargent Logo Wear...and We Listened

Ordering is open February 17th to March 3rd 

Many of our members have expressed an interest in purchasing one of our Ausbon Sargent logo vests, jackets, tee shirts or hats. We love that idea.  It can only be a good thing for others to see our logo in the community and learn more about the land trust from you. allowing you to order Ausbon Sargent items directly.  Click Read More to follow the link that allows you to order Ausbon Sargent items directly.  You will be able to make shipping arrangements when you place your order so that your item(s) will arrive directly to your address using standard shipping charges

If you miss placing your order during this 2-week window of time, you may still order some of our spring/summer options through a special order placed by Kristy Heath at the Ausbon Sargent office.

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The Pleasant Street-East Hiking Trail is Ready for You to Enjoy

Pleasant Street-East is one of our most recent protected properties.  It is located just off of Pleasant Street (next to the Bittersweet property and across the street from the Kidder-Clough-Cleveland trailhead) and marked by the large NL Conservation Commission trail sign that you see in the photo above. The walk is relatively easy and the footing is good for walking in boots or snowshoes.  We highly recommend this 20-minute, cleared and well marked trail for a great lunch-loop, a quick family exploration or a means to enjoy some crisp NH fresh air.  It's an easy walk from the corner of Pleasant Street and Main Street, New London to access the trail head.

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Andy Deegan Had a "Beary" Nice Thanksgiving

We live in New Hampshire, so, though we're always excited to witness evidence of wildlife on our property, it's often brief and they're usually "just passing through."  Periodically, we hear of someone who has a little closer brush with nature than they expected.  Thanksgiving 2018 provided Andy, his family and their Thanksgiving guests with one of those rare experiences.  A young bear cub was spotted in a tree close to their house.  That's where the story began, but when world-reknowned bear expert Ben Kilham gets involved, you know there's more story coming. For the entertaining events that followed and the culmination of this Thanksgiving adventure, click below to Read More from Dave Anderson's accounts.  Great story, great photos.

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