New Projects

There’s always something exciting happening at the Land Trust!

Ausbon Sargent had two busy and successful years in 2018-19 as we closed on seven properties that added nearly 600 acres of newly conserved land to the thousands already protected by the land trust.   The end of 2019 and the months heading into 2020 will be very exciting as we are working with numerous landowners who wish to conserve their property.  Some of these properties require little to no financial assistance or fundraising through Ausbon Sargent.  Others could not happen without the help received through grants, town conservation commissions and private donations from friends and neighbors.  Yet each property has been determined to help to "preserve the rural landscape of the Mt. Kearsarge/Ragged/Lake Sunapee region" and is important to those who live in and visit our area.

When Ausbon Sargent has asked for help to defray costs and make it possible to complete  projects like these, you pitched right in.  Thank you for your help.  Scroll down to read more about some of our costs.

Wendell Marsh Expansion (Photo by Peter Bloch)

Some of our land projects, such as the three Wendell Marsh projects in Sunapee (2015-2018), were very complex and required that we seek funds from grants and private donors to complete the project.  The Brown Family's Frazier Brook Farm in Warner was a wonderful example of the family, grantors, the town conservation commission and local donors coming together to protect an important agricultural property. Fund-raising campaigns for easements like these can take months or, in some cases, years to complete.

Even when the landowners manage most of the costs of donating an easement on their property, there are still many transaction costs associated with a conservation easement for which most landowners request help.  Some of these transaction costs are reflected below:

  • Property Surveys average $5,000-10,000
  • Stewardship costs will be $5,000, minimum, though usually more
  • A required Hazardous Waste Assessment is $2,000
  • Title Work is generally $2,000 (+)


Please join us in seizing a unique opportunity to preserve the historic rural character of New London for future generations.  Conservation of the historic Messer Farm has been among the town's highest priorities for over 30 years.  Today we can acquire and conserve the property. The parcel's 22 acres of open fields contain prime soils for growing local produce, currently leased by Spring Ledge Farm.  122 acres of woodland sustain natural wildlife habitat, offer a vast network of recreational footpaths, and hold the headwaters of Red Brook and White Brook, which feed into Pleasant Lake. Its ever-changing views of Mt. Kearsarge are admired by all who pass by.  The aquisition and conservation of this undeveloped land will benefit us all, now and always!  Our goal is to raise $1.6 million.  Your contribution is vital -- please help!

With many other land projects currently in the development stages, Ausbon Sargent welcomes contributions from its members and friends to help manage the costs associated with preserving our rural landscape. (Click Here to DONATE now.)  Thank you for your help.