Spring Ledge Farm/Calerin, LLC

  • 53.00 acres
  • 12/91
  • L
Spring Ledge Farm/Calerin, LLC

Main Street, New London

Spring Ledge Farm lies between two sections of commercial zone in the middle of Main Street, New London. It's a farm that has been in John Clough's family since before the Civil War. John and his wife Sue didn't know how much this land would mean to them when they first opened their farm stand for local products in 1977. Always strong supporters of their community, they found their volunteer efforts increasingly focused on preserving the land around them. Ultimately, they reached a decision: they have dedicated the bulk of Spring Ledge Farm to a perpetual easement to preserve this unique in-town farm. Ausbon Sargent worked with John and Sue to bring their hopes to reality through the State of New Hampshire Land Conservation Investment Program (LCIP) in cooperation with the Town of New London Conservation Commission.

Residents and visitors to New London glory in the beautifully kept flower gardens and tilled fields that surround the farm stand, which is open for 3/4's of the year, filled with local and regionally grown fruits and vegetables - all on Main Street.

The property ownership transferred to Calerin, LLC in November 2005.

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